XRover is a multifunctional  stroller that allows you to transport children and adults (from 1 yr old to 99+ yrs of age) with limited mobility and provides them with maximum safety and comfort. With our XROVER stroller, you can safely bike, hike and participate in sporting activities such as jogging and in-line skating.

XRover construction differs from other stroller and trailers. It is very light and very easy to operate even when transporting adults over 260 lb. It is equipped with many features that make it ideal not only for simple riding in the city, but also riding cross country or going on rough trails. Available in three different sizes S, M, L.

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Available in Small, Medium and Large

The XRover is a safe, comfortable and practical 3-wheel stroller for day to day and off road use. Suitable for all ages; children and adults.

The fully loaded All In One model includes everything you need to take your loved ones on trips outdoors. 

XRover is  built using reinforced alloy material  with stainless steel fixings. XRover comes with adjustable support:

  • Abductor Wedge

  • Lateral Supports

  • Head Supports

  • 5 Point Harness

High quality is a top priority for us. The XRover has an all-metal chassis, superior aluminum alloys, reinforced parts, and stainless steel hardware.


Everyone will feel very comfortable in the padded, easily positioned and ergonomically shaped seat.


Children and adults that need special back supports and positioning have no problem fitting comfortably in the XRover.

Legs, head and the body can be placed between the supports soft inner liner and the five-point safety harness will hold your passengers in place.


The CYCLE SET is included with all models of the XRover. You can attach the stroller to your own bicycle and no tools are required.

For safety and comfort, adjust the passenger position when you connect it to the bicycle. Even far back tilt angles are possible without needing any tools.

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When owning a XRover, you will own a jogging stroller / bicycle trailer with outdoor sport on your mind. Weather will not be a excuse to bring your loved ones outside. XRover has a solution for all the weather conditions to enjoy the outdoors and do it together.

You can take them to the city, you can also go to the park or to your favorite bike trail and do the activities that you enjoy.

Accessories are available to add plenty of pockets and storage compartments that attach to the  XRover.

  • Swivel wheel

  • Cyclo Set (bike trailer attachment kit)

  • Fixation insert with velcro support pads

  • 5 point harness

  • Canopy

  • Mosquito net

  • Black/Orange Color

( = color pattern we keep in stock and is available for sale in the US.)

  • Jogging wheel set (does not swivel)

  • Winter pouch for hands (hand warmer)

  • Canopy visor

  • Raincover

  • Windguard

  • Rear Wheel transport bag

  • XROVER transport / storage bag

  • Winter pouch with zipper

  • Handbag/shoulder bag

  • Small utility bag

  • Digital speedometer and mount

  • Pink, Red, Blue colors (NOT AVAILABLE IN USA!)

What makes XRover different from other bicycle trailers?

  • Fits a person up to 6'2"

  • High weight capacity (264 lb)

  • Different sizes (S,M,L)

  • Comfort seating (large tilt angles)

  • It works for children and adults with very special seating requirements

  • Safety roll cage protects passenger from injury 

  • No tools necessary (to adjust seating and remove wheels)

  • Accessories allow you to enjoy any weather condition

  • ​The cycle set is included


XRover was tested and certified by the Engineering Test Institute. We are leading the market regarding passenger safety!

By using only high end and top quality components, we achieve the maximum  durability and passenger safety. The passenger is left feeling secure and enjoying the ride. 

The welded tubular frame and protective aluminum arches create a roll cage that protects the passengers in the unlikely event of a fall or rollover!

Arm and body protection

PS: The frame does not fold!


Easy Adjustment

PASSENGER positioning is adjustable without

the use of any tools.

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