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In our commitment to finding the best solutions for our customers, we are switching our distribution to the “Original” Benecykl jogging stroller and bicycle trailer for children and adults.

  • Faster delivery time!

  • More affordable price!

  • More accessories included! (jogging wheel, variety of bags, raincover and mosquito net)!

  • Available in beautiful red/blue!

  • Chest fixation vest option instead of 5-point harness!

  • Medium size is 3" longer for height up to 5'3" (you don't need to buy the large model)

  • Easier transportation! Does not fold, but has lower backrest for easier storage in your car or SUV.

  • Benecykl is made in Europe since 1999.

  • Benecykl has a longer history of manufacturing. 

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What is happening to existing customers:

  • We will help your resolve any XRover warranty situation!

  • We have a limited amount of warranty parts available!

  • Contact us for XRover accessory items available!


Benecykl has many great features:

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Products distributed by our sister company:
Mobility & Access, Inc. 

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